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How to build a winning team

Every VC will tell you that their ultimate investment decision was based on “the team” – and that’s fair enough – because the marketing graveyard is littered with great product ideas that simply lacked execution ability. (Just another way of saying: the team just didn’t bring it…) / / / /So what defines a winning team and […]

How can you not love this guy?

I subscribe to quite a few Newsletters – there are in fact some that should not be missed, and this message from John Reese is one of them… / / / /I found this pearl in my inbox today – enjoy and learn from this excellent copywriting: / / Title: Why I just sold all […]

Tubemogul delivers Google Style Analytics – Gamechanger!

Don’t miss the boat on this new development. If you don’t know what this means for your business, then make the effort and find out. / / / /

What The Largest Corporations Can Learn From Smelling Good and Being Personal

Here is a short analysis by our resident social media expert Avi Zuber on a phenomenon taking the social media world by storm (this was originally meant for Greenwavers only, but on account of the fact that it shows the use of Google Wave so well – we openend it up) / / / /

Optimal Formula Training

The Optimal Formula Business Building Series / /01 – Introduction and Aim of this Training / / / /02 – Ilya Spitalnik’s Beginnings / / / /03 – Time To Get To Know The New Commercial Reality / / / /04 – The Better Mousetrap Principle / / / /05 – The Birth Of A […]

Our Approach

“Why complicate matters when simplicity will do?” / /The Greenwave Incubator programme is focused on helping entrepreneurs build cashflow producing projects in record time by leveraging Google-Era skills, technology and Know-How. / / / /Greenwave’s proprietary “paint-by-numbers” business building methodology has successfully been transposed across countries, languages and industry sectors and can be applied to […]

Leadership Lesson From The Naked Dancing Guy

Derek Sivers gets his analysis absolutely spot on… / / / /

Google Wave of Appreciation

It seems that there are quite a few people out there who are sad about the loss of Google Wave / / / /

Why I set up the SaveTheWave Facebook Page

Google Era Best Practice – Google Wave: My name is Ilya Spitalnik and I am the CEO of the Greenwave Business Incubator, a Google-Era private equity and business incubation firm. We invest in seed- an early-stage companies, develop and support them to break-even and beyond. / / / /In this post I will be addressing […]

01 – The Aim Of This Video Training

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